Dark Mofo

Dark Faux Mo, Music Program & Afterlife

“Faux Mo is still the best after-party on earth” – Fasterlouder June 2013

The teenage delinquent sister to MONA FOMA, DARK MOFO takes place during the week of the winter solstice and delivers a huge range of sensory experiences during the heart of the Tasmanian winter. Delving into the centuries-old rituals and mythologies that have arisen in response to the solstice since Neolithic times, the festival celebrates links between ancient and contemporary mythology, human nature, religious and secular traditions. Darkness and light, birth and death, fire, destruction and renewal.

Like its summer brother, DARK MOFO needed a late night party, built to fit with the ideas of Bacchanalian revelry which permeate the festival. Supple Fox, working in collaboration with Producer Duckpond and Creative Director Leigh Carmichael, developed Dark Faux Mo which takes place in and around the Odeon Theatre. A renovated former cinema built in 1916 as a replica of New York’s Strand, and earmarked for demolition and redevelopment, the Odeon presented itself as the perfect venue in which punters could turn up the heat and get lost and found in it’s many nooks and crannies.

Dark Faux Mo has featured a mélange of performers including Zanzibar Chanel, New York duo Fascinator, My Disco and Super Wild Horses, and also witnessed the birth of the now infamous ‘cupboard party’.

In 2014, along with the return of Dark Faux Mo to the Odeon and an enlarged site that also encompassed the adjoining ‘XXX Saloon Bar’, Watchorn Street and a Mezzanine bar, Supple Fox undertook a more expansive role working with Dark Mofo. Providing consultation across the music program, which culminated with Afterlife – a multi-stage event curated by Supple Fox, featuring some of Australia’s preeminent indie talent, including Kirin J Callinan, HTRK, Total Control, Nun and Kira Puru. Other festival highlights included Sunn O))), Diamanda Galas, The Bronx, Mykki Blanco and High Tension.

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